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..Blood drive 8/infinity and wizard clutch..
July 28, 2012, 2:38 am
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Blood Drive


Plus this :

Its gonna be awesome!

2 spring/2 screw

Alu/steel taper

Alu segment

6 month wait for clutch material

7k engagements

Rats nest and electrical tape

Secrets inside

Drum dumb brakes

Powered by Sparks Blktops

See you there


Electric heart ….. Closer
May 24, 2012, 4:58 am
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” Enjoy your new electric heart “

Powerdynamo’s last statement in the instructions

One step closer

. . Long time . .

WS/Wizard made

The only reason I post this, is that this material is actual clutch material from a go-kart manufacture that is designed for wet applications with engagements of up to 18K

When I first talked with them and asked them if 5-6500rpm launches would tear the clutch material apart, they kind of chuckled.

Testing to begin soon

I have 8 sets of springs, new hardware, Aluminum centers with steel taper press fit

. . Working for memorial weekend / Clutch destruction and construction . .
May 31, 2011, 6:36 pm
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Well, first things first, the black magic of the wizard/westseattle is not going to be ready for Reno.

Instead of pushing it, and spending late nights cutting into frames, making suspension and figuring out everything else on the bike, it was a mutual decision to continue to work at the pace that we have been.  ( well the pace that mike has been so gracious to work on it, in between his paying job and his own projects )

So, I am fully rebuilding the maxi/polinardoni/wizard clutch and continuing to make one for a very nice man in New York ( hi ! )

Monday ( memorial day ) I went to the wizard lair and decided to make all the brackets and what not for the trail tech.  I have had this thing sitting around forever and it was time to put it on.

Enjoy some pictures

Now, these are the speedo sensors that come with the Trail Tech VAPOR from Treats.  These sensors require you to modify the bracket that comes with the kit to work on any moped, and the length of the wiring is extremely long.

This is what I chose to use in the above pictures on the maxi.

I, however have ordered this one and it is the proper length, has sticky tape on the back side of it and installs in seconds vs making brackets and such.  If you order this one ( or request it to come in the kits from benji ) you will need a magnet to either replace one of the caliper bolts for you disc brake dudes or jb weld a magnet in line with the sensor on the wheel.

I have this on the Black magic build, and have done this so I can just undo the computer from one bike and place it on the other when I want to ride it.   Instead of purchasing two units.

This is the bracket.  There are handy measurements in the instructions to follow, and if you do, you can make something that looks nice with a tiny 4″x3″ piece of aluminum.

Now just to wire it up and connect the power to the powerdynamo so that the back light is on when it is running and I am set!

On to the clutches!

First thing about the clutch that I have been running ( BRN in the minarelli bell ) is that we have been trying to break it real good and improve on the design.  So far I have broken it at least 4 times, and this last time being the last time this brass center will ever see my motor.  This time I sheared the bolts flush with the outer of the center, and inside a helicoil, also with the springs that I am R&D it decided to melt all of the adhesive on the pads and when I went to pull the clutch they just fell off.    Thats not that big of a deal, since I have more adhesive and can make the repairs, buuuuuut I can not use these brass centers again.  Now we make our own!

I dont have the pictures uploaded yet, but will insert when they are.

As with any mass produced aftermarket part, there are bound to be some mistakes made, cost cutting measures, shit being mass produced in Argentina, etc….

BRN is no exception to this rule.  They cast these brass centered clutches for the Minarelli and Garelli motors, and here is what you might see when and if you purchase one.


(We are replacing this center for seth k)

So now we make!

We start with a blank of aluminum and hand cut on a mill, then I hand em off to the wizard to set em up in the lathe to cut the taper/drill the holes and make sure its all nice and spaced out pretty.

There are other things that we are doing to these that are secrets, because some people think they can just make products for the moped market without testing them or just throwing them out there without quality control.

( see above BRN im looking at you, jerks )

Oh well /Rant

This is what I am making for myself as well, since the destruction of the other one, and the need to rebuild my maxi in time for the Reno rally ( dont worry, it will be done, no questions )

I leave you with this picture of the wizard lair and his magic powers.  Allowing him to have a magnum on the ground that he is working on, while levitating my maxi in the background so I can work on it without getting dirty on the floor.

What  a nice Wizard!

. . V1.3 slipping for days . .
May 23, 2011, 5:21 pm
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V1.3 W/WS clutch

Springs are a little extreme, still trying to break them.  I have put 200 miles on this thing in the last 4 days, and have not had any issues other than things rattling off. ( exhaust which is double nutted, and the mount which is double nutted both backed off and started to leak…. )

The bike launches better with jeremy, or josh on there since I have 40lbs on them and all my tools 😦

I think I need to go down one size in spring, and make it not slip this much.  Today we tune!

. . Quit breaking shit . .
May 10, 2011, 8:12 am
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Chain = broken

Slapped Josh in the ass good too…

WS/Wizard clutch V1.2


. . Update on V1.1 clutch . .
May 3, 2011, 7:17 pm
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Version 1.1 clutch

( shitty video, iphone, but you get the idea, never mind me telling josh how to just grab the throttle and go 😛 )

Problem is, I broke it last night at moped  monday…..

So.  With a HUUUGE base gasket leak ( blew the base gasket off ) I limped it through the first half of the ride last night and actually made it home.   Only to find out that I had broken another piece of the clutch.

I have many more versions to test out.

This is 1.1 because I have 4 more sets of springs, 3 different clutch materials, and a horde of other shit to do to test out before……

Well you can figure it out.

The clutch in the video was set up for mild engagement, and longer rides.

I have had it tuned out to grab around 6k+ but it was a little much for the stop and go of the city riding.

Plus side is…..  I got to meet


Such a nice dude! We talked shop for a while and I got to ride a little bit with him.
At least until I had to break off and limp the beast home….

❤ you guys, get ready for V1.2