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Race bike progress made today !

Thanks to some parts arriving :

CR80 Aluminum front wheel with disk brake :



D.I.D Aluminum outer, 17 x 1.40 ( Puch is 17 x 1.30, so the 17 inch moped tubes and tires will work )

Exciting ! !

Next item was a 08 Tomos hydraulic disc brake front end, but how would this fit on the Motobecane frame?


Well, lets check the race on the Tomos front forks :


And lets take the Motobecane front forks off and have a look ……. minus the bearings


Looks like it will snug up nicely with the STOCK MOTOBECANE BEARING CUPS and the TOMOS STOCK RACE that is on the forks already ! With this out of the way, we can re-pack the bearing cups with grease and clean off the old nasty bearings from the Motobecane.


Ok, lets put the front forks on the frame and see how it looks


Looks ok, I guess ……

time to put new grease and our freshly cleaned bearings on the top cup


Tomos washers/dust shield/securing nut


Top of the triple tree and washer/nut


Wow, that was about the easiest thing I have done to a moped in a while, stoked !

Now I just need to adjust the height of the forks when the rear is fabricated onto the frame ( I am not using the stock Motobecane rear as this will be my race bike for atwater ) Tomos forks are kinda high right now and I will need to adjust the stance when the frame is fully done.

Right now it is Barry ( my kitty ) approved ! 🙂 Good thing, as he likes to disapprove of everything, grumpy pants, although he did help this time with the instal

Plus he is just so f-ing cute ❤