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March 7, 2011, 9:56 pm
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Here is the problem. No take off, no wind up, lots of low end bog.

Foreground : Pieces of the stock Bennasar clutch spring. ( broke in 3 pieces )

Middle : Stock spring that is weak and compressed to hell. About to break as well.

Rear : SS aftermarket springs from ED (mopagan) on MA.

Initial results with ED springs in BRN or BENNASAR clutch in Puch E50 = takes off like a clutch pulley, no slip, reeeeeevvvvv and boom, gone ……..

ED Springs :

Oh, I almost forgot that I wear gloves now too…. im getting old

. . V6.66 = Cursed or just to much . .
January 4, 2011, 8:41 pm
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Spent ALL day ( at least 8 hrs ) on this thing again…. list of what was done.

Re-measure the squish, set it at 1mm
Re-timed Powerdynamo to conservative 1.7BTDC
Compression test = lots!
Spark = Super shocking ( numb fingers )
Air Leaks = NO
24mm Mikuni with 175 main

Fires, Idles high high high, choke off, still idle high high high
Repeat process from 165-200 main, same issue

Fuck it, idle high, adjust everything on throttle control/slide/what have you, including a new throttle and cable.
Same issue

Get confused and frustrated.
Lunch break

Take whole top end apart
Replace Vertex piston, with Gilardoni stock modified piston from V6.0 and the addition of the 2nd ring for good measure.
Base gaskets and squish EXACTLY like V6.0 ( know runner and blaster )
Copper spray head, heat gun for permatex
Go test……

Idles out of hand, wont go anywhere on any kind of throttle….. confused, started doing more reasearch, seems like I have it figured out, go back to it and get it to idle a tad lower but still screaming. UGGGGGGGGGG

Change carbs to 21 Delorto with jet ranges from 98 ( what I had in V6.0 ) to 115

By this time I have exhausted a whole day and am beyond frustrated, because seemingly everything should be working out right.
Go inside and revisit the port maps of V6.0 and 6.66, realizing that the ONLY difference is the CR80 Reeds and the intake which is now a healthy bit bigger…….

Moped monday started in 2 hrs and I had to clean up and eat a bit before riding the carped shame to the bar.

Thoughts are… Intake volume to much for Gila…. V6.0 works V6.66 does not, only difference – intake port size and cr80 reeds.

Next chance I have I am putting the V6.0 back on and riding, that one was flawless.


Other news :

Prospect Dore is now a mosquito/westseattle member, look out for him on the forums, STOKED !!!!

ALSO : Any opinions and or thoughts on V6.66 would be great, I dont really want it to die, but it just may be dead already 😦

ALSSSSO : Best farewell show I have ever been blessed to go to

. . UGGGGG . .
October 19, 2010, 10:03 pm
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V6.66 is turning out to be evil.

Wont Idle, surges sometimes, idles for a few seconds and bogs out others.

Changed jets, needle settings, checked for leaks, nothing… always the same.

Fires, choke on, rev rev rev, kinda idles, choke down, surges then mellows out. Check for airleaks, none….

Change gas/plug/fuel filter, etc……

Re timed/ numerous times. 1.8 BTDC powerdynamo

Mikuni TM

Jets from 200 to 180 working down
Needle from top to bottom

So here is some thoughts :

Reeds to big?
Reed material too thick?
Atomizer to big?
Not enough compression?
Too much compression?

Back to the tuning grind.

Any Ideas out there?

October 15, 2010, 7:38 pm
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Just waiting for the transplant onto frame…..

Dual snap ringers / basic new bearing/seal/crank/combo

Vertex KTM 65 2.0 over, graphite coated, single ringer

Inside the cylinder, port work

* Pink lines are potential ringland relocation locations, I chose the top left of the piston vs dead center/intake catcher *

CR80 Reed valve with Polini “green” reed material added

TM24 and HPI

Now I wait till I get home. Hopefully no rain tonight so I can tune…… VRRRRRROM V6.66


. . V6.66 Tease . .
October 12, 2010, 1:54 am
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UPDATE: This will be done in the next 2 days… I burned up another dremel whilst cutting the dual snap ring groove. 😦

. . V6.66 . .
October 3, 2010, 2:11 am
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Westseattle Gilardoni V6.66 Coming this week……

The end all be all of how far you can massage to your gilardoni and still run it on an E50 or ZA

I tested V6.60 last night

Facts :

Pulls a 20 x 45 Gear ratio past 60 with ease and no bottom end loss ( E50 )

At WOT with 1.75BTDC timing and 50degree weather, stays at 300-325 head temps

Pulls on a wicked 70cc Peugeot with ER3/Malossi/Doppler/Gianelli combo ( not off the line with this gearing )

All of this with a 20mm Dellorto and a “low end” pipe ( Seattle version of Motomatic destroyer series )

Pictures and super documentation to follow. This is it…. no going back