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Pictures to the tiny parma moped

Being sick and locked in your house makes you crazy.

I decided to put random parts on the freespirit to make it ride-able.

This is of course after the wonderful Mr Snordley brazed some pin sized holes that were in my tank for me. No more Leaky!

One I got off of ebay is not useable and the other I got the frame along with it and well will just put that whole bike together. ( its a 81 Murray and I kinda like those too )

Its tiny with its maxi front ebr’s and short rears…..

Its as small as deans ciao, but longer

And OMG there is a secret picture of one half of west seattle OH NO!

Problems include:

Carb tuning issues !!!!! ARRRRRGH

15mm PHBG Does not want to Idle on its own
45, 50, 60 Idle jets
All the way rich/lean/everything in between
Timing is set at 2mm BTDC
Lean/Rich/Middle setting on W7 Needle
#7 and 8 Plugs
No Air Leaks


Waiting for benji’s cdi’s and dreaming


Parma porting adventure!
March 28, 2009, 4:04 am
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Porting the spare Parma to try and make it flow alot better and go alot faster.

Opened the intake alot and matched to the 19mm intake
Opened the exhaust alot and matched to the Homoet 6p inlet
Raised the Exhaust a bunch in the cylinder
Lowered the intake a touch
Left everything else stock


Another one?
March 25, 2009, 3:10 am
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So, Mr Responsible John decided to get something different for his magnum.

I purchased his parma 50 kit, so that I could do some serious re-working of the cylinder and have one stock one as a back up.

Now I have the last supposed 2 parma 50’s :p

SOOOOOOOO Excited to start working on this one, as I feel that it has a ton of potential.

Things to do :

* Reposition ringland on piston
* Open the exhaust port to around 28mm or so 😉
* Open the intake to around 17mm or so 😉
* Raise and lower intake and exhaust windows
* Get more compression
* Try the 20mm carb vs 15mm
* Enjoy fast 50cc


Parma 50cc build
March 16, 2009, 11:10 pm
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I got one of the supposed last parma 50cc maxi kits because I was on this fast 50cc kick I guess….


Its huge!

Milled and cut magnum stock head that I will be pairing with this.


Intake for the 15mm PHBG carb.


So far it is on a Freespirit and running @ 42mph on the flats, but not tuned out yet….. Im trying to get more out of it currently.

* Parma 50cc kit
* Milled and cut head
* Paz sprung 2 shoe
* Big intake and 15mm PHBG
* 6p exhaust
* 16×45 gearing

More to come when I get it tuned and have more pictures/video’s!