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. . Coming home . .
March 5, 2013, 8:19 pm
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It is been a while

This is finally coming back home and to life

50cc metra, metra pipe, roller bearing Ritto crank, powerdynamo, 12v led

Puch Monza Barcelona


LED 12v tail light/brake light
June 5, 2012, 12:48 am
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Brake lights have always been a problem when modifying a stock moped.  At least I have had no luck ( and not being a super electrical engineer ) getting a moped with 6v points system to not die when having a brake light hooked up.

Since moving to 12v on most of my mopeds, I have kind of forgot about them.  Reverting back to the old hand signals/hope people know what hand signals mean behind me technique.

But…. NO LONGER!  All these mopeds now have running tails and brake lights because of the powerdynamo’s awesome design and voltage regulator that come with it.

Buy these at Treats!

These ebay LED trailer marker lights are the best and brightest when you have a 12v regulated system.

I wanted to keep the original monza tail light, because of the Barcelona / Espania markings on the actual lens, so I cut one of the marker lights to fit the housing.

As you can see.  Just hooked up to a 12v battery, they are bright!

Now I have to re-fiberglass the seat, play with the front suspension and get the exhaust reworked.

Silly mopeds

New Beginnings
May 8, 2012, 9:10 pm
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One of 3 Puch Monza 4 speed manual engines that are being given the once over.

The Short version of the story is :

I had a monza motor put on a kromag frame ( see posts ) and when I went to rebuild it, I had done everything right except put one shim .5mm in a wrong spot.  Thus the clutch would not disengage, rendering the motor useless.

The Wizard has shown me my error and now the Barcellona is getting the 50cc Metra kit, the Kromag is getting the 80cc Metra kit, and the spare is getting the stock ported cylinder that was doing 55+ with a 20mm PHBG and a modified 6p.

Anyway, things are working slowly again, final project for the tattoo apprenticeship is finished and awaiting critiques.  Possibly ordering machines in the near future.

I love my life


. . Long time . .

WS/Wizard made

The only reason I post this, is that this material is actual clutch material from a go-kart manufacture that is designed for wet applications with engagements of up to 18K

When I first talked with them and asked them if 5-6500rpm launches would tear the clutch material apart, they kind of chuckled.

Testing to begin soon

I have 8 sets of springs, new hardware, Aluminum centers with steel taper press fit

. . SACRILEGIOUS ( Part 2 ) . .
April 26, 2011, 7:40 pm
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Sometimes, in order to progress, one must destroy and rebuild.

In some cases this means brand new, out of the box parts ( expensive parts ) must be sacrificed

Example :

Never run or installed


I think I bought these all up, sorry dudes

. . HGH . .
April 19, 2011, 7:31 pm
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The only thing that has been going on for the last couple weeks is as follows :

1 – Birthday ( 33 ) on april 3

2 – Birthday tattoo, continuing the thigh/knee piece.   I have been on a pants strike for 2 weeks because the back of my knee refuses to heal right 😦

3 – Laser removal session number 2.  Fuck that, YES it does hurt more than getting tattooed and they limit you to an hour and 1/2 of time because of how much damage it does to your body.   I stayed for an hour….  Not fun at all, but awesome end result

4 – Mike Naz has started hacking up a frame for me and mocking up new motor mount configurations and swingarm combos.  This for the watercooled GR2 50cc Moby motor

5 –  Hanging out with amazing tattoo artists and being taught how to properly watercolor for the application of custom tattoo flashy shit.  Awesome!

and last, another addition to the collection, just for the haters…. always for the haters, and it really does not matter what tattoo you get when you are already covered…..

❤ you all