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April 21, 2011, 7:23 pm
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Puch Magnum



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September 25, 2009, 11:14 pm
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Well here she is with the motomatic pipe.

Preliminary results indicate this pipe will attack any hill in Seattle, even with the 36 rear sprocket. I fear putting a larger one on there because I think it will just wheelie everywhere.

Take off is flawless, mid range is out of control, and the powerband seems to be the whole range of the pipe.


Only modification I had to do is drill a new hole in the exhaust mounting flange on the frame. Other than that, just bolt on and rip. ( on a properly tuned moped that is )

And the pedals clear 🙂

Thanks Nate and Rafter ❤

Oh, I have renamed this pipe the "Seattle Destroyer" as it will take any hill while accelerating.


Well, after a bit of a wait its finally here !

Custom Motomatic destroyer pipe, hand built by nate of motomatic and added goodness.

Low end – High end pipe ❤


Looks sexy !

Reviews, comparisons to at least 2 other “high end” pipes ( Homoet 6p and Simonnini ), video and GPS numbers to follow.


. . Mini Magnum pictures . .

@ Gas station in Sacramento

( photo by Isaac )

@ Sacramento 9/11 Not a rally with my favorite _terrydean / pinascokitten

( photo by Serene ? )

@ Reno with moby mags, which didnt work out right…. hey that should go under fail huh?

( photo by Kurt )

@ Reno when my chain broke while riding……

( photo by Kurt )


Rebuild in 3.5 hours

Lets put this thing together and get it running!

EBR MAXI front forks.

These require you to take the bottom race off of the stock MKII forks in order to use them.


So with that done, It was time to repack/grease the bearings in the headset, and for that matter the wheels while I have the grease out !

Also note that I changed the tires and tubes to kenda tubes and Hutchison GP1 tires.


Now attention to the rear end of this thing..

Re-pack/grease the bearings, Changeover the shocks to MAXI 300mm shocks, New tube/Tire ( Same as the front )


Finally, MINI MAGNUM, minus engine of course :p

Yes, thats a MAXI in the back as reference to see how tiny this thing is…..


Up next…..

Changing that pesky 40T rear sprocket to a 45T


Chains, Polini E50, Cables, Controls, Grips, ETC…..



Ridden to Mosquito Fleet’s monday meeting 4/20/09, One day turnaround


April 21, 2009, 5:48 am
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Looks ok, didnt it?

I didnt think so…..

Lets start tearing into it.

Goodbye :

* Luggage chrome
* Fenders
* Stock controls/bars/turn signals
* Shocks
* Forks
* ZA50
* Wiring
* Oil injection

Now there is a nice comparison shot of the MAXI EBR’s vs STOCK MKII Hydrolic forks.

Now the Hydrolic STOCK forks are the shit!!!! I just need to cut them down and didnt have the time or patience to do it today.

But as you can see, there is a good 3 inch difference in the MAXI front forks VS MKII Stock.

This is one point to the MINI MAGNUM

! Magnum !
April 21, 2009, 5:36 am
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So I got a Magnum on 4/19/09 ….. Just another MKII 1979

Here it is in all its stock glory!

Key features:

ZA50 Oil injected
Snowflakes ( flawless )
NO rust in the tank
Still had compression and turned freely


Lets tear it apart shall we?