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Well after a year or so of it just sitting and me scratching my head about what the hell I should do with this beautiful moped, I got a wonderful surprise in my inbox from a man named Bjorn.

He gave me hope ! ( unlike Obama )

Bjorn detailed his tear down and rebuild years ago and I had stumbled upon his web page late in the night.

So here is to me working on the MONZA again and hoping that one little adjustment that I had foolishly overlooked will work .

Wish me luck

Oh, and you should visit his web blog page :

Bjorn’s Monza


Todays a good day to fail again right?

Monza is together, clutch adjusted, dry tested gear selection, all signs point to good!

Get outside, fill it up with fluids, gas, kickstart out, kick……kick…..kick…… Well something was not working right with the kickstart when it is on the bike? Worked fine off the bike, pressed the kick, turned the motor as it is supposed to. On the bike….. Nothing.


Put it into gear, grab the clutch lever and run with the bike…….. wont disengage the clutch ( same problem as before ) Stop, regain composure, mess with it.

Adjust all the way in ( to where it would obviously be disengaged ) Nothing
Adjust all the way out ( to where it is just loose ) Same result
Take the alignment plug out and mess with the pull out lever. Nothing

New Clutch assembly……
New Spring ( metra 80 spring = stiffer )…..

Frustrating way to start the day, so I decided to take a break and make some soup.

Things I am going to try later today is….

Original pull out lever…
Stock clutch spring…
re-tightening the kick springs…
If that fails, then take engine off and start over again….


Maybe I will tune the parma 50 today instead, or put the athena 50 together.

Mopeds today, I tell ya I am cursed or something

March 09

This is where I begin to document things/start to work on mopeds again!

I tore the engine apart yet again and went over everything, this time with the help of the manual. ( which I got from Chris Paz and am greatful for ! )

Everything to the engine including case match, etc….

Installed on the frame again, and just waiting for good weather to tune him up.


Metra 50cc


Milled 80cc head with 50cc squish cut into it


Intake and Kit


Case Matching






Crosses fingers, that this time, things will work out for this little Monza !

Now he sits …..

This is where we get caught up to present day, well within the last month of 09.

By some grace of God, someone was selling a torn apart Monza engine on the Moped Army.

Needless to say, I bought that shit up right away as it has the parts that I need to make mine whole again.


But it still sits.

I have been working so much and dealing with so many family things this past month ( january ) that I have not even thought about mopeds for a while


Finally decided to step it up a bit

Here it goes again!

I sourced out a clutch and stuff !
I got a metra 50cc kit from Benji. ( didn’t want to blow this thing apart just yet as I dont have that many spares )
I also got the 80cc head that matches the kit, but milled it down for higher compression and MikeMike cut a 50cc squish band in there for me !
Made an Intake for the giant intake port. 19mm paired with a 20mm PHBG
Got a Filter finally for the carb.
Got the exhaust cut and welded up by MikeMike to fit the angled port of the metra kit ( homoet 6p )
Everything was looking up.

No clutch parts…………………… Damn

The search continues

Gender Bender 08

Got excited to go to gender bender and have the 4 speed with me.

This is also during the re-build part of this blog, sidenote.

Things got a little frustrating when putting the engine back together, as noted in the last blog as well.

The one thing that stumped me until the last minute of leaving for San Fran was the clutch basket.

Monza Clutch

Seen here is where there are supposed to be key way kinda things. With this clutch, it aligns the clutch lever and this assembly to where is pulls back off of the friction plate of the clutch itself.

Well with these teeth gone, it would not pull back far enough to dis-engage from the clutch, acting kinda like a one speed.

This took 3 days, 4 tear downs and lots of alcohol later to figure out. Dreams Smashed 😦

I ended up taking the maxi, which did amazingly well after putting on the 18t and the estoril pipe!
Rode the whole rally without having some sort of problem and kept up with the kinda fast 50+ group.

Now comes the part of sourcing another clutch bell/basket for an engine that 3 people in the USA have…

Im screwed

Re-build arrrrgh!
March 7, 2009, 9:57 pm
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Well I decided to take pics of everything since I did not have a Monza manual at the time.

Sourced everything out, bearings/seals/etc and replaced everything.

This looks like fun!

After taking this engine apart, there are some key things that I learned.

* There are loose needle bearings inside this engine, thus when you split the case ( no matter how you do it ) they go everywhere 😦

* The gear selector must be taken apart and put back to neutral before putting back inner meshed with the gears or it will not select through the gears.

* The clutches are great in these engines!

* The clutch baskets are the weak point