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October 15, 2010, 7:38 pm
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Just waiting for the transplant onto frame…..

Dual snap ringers / basic new bearing/seal/crank/combo

Vertex KTM 65 2.0 over, graphite coated, single ringer

Inside the cylinder, port work

* Pink lines are potential ringland relocation locations, I chose the top left of the piston vs dead center/intake catcher *

CR80 Reed valve with Polini “green” reed material added

TM24 and HPI

Now I wait till I get home. Hopefully no rain tonight so I can tune…… VRRRRRROM V6.66



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May 31, 2010, 12:23 am
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Dual snap ring mod to E50 cases

Step one : Huff paint and measure your bearings

Step two, measure and mark your cases for the cutting and have your friends hold things  ( that would be me holding the cases for mr westseattle/gorrilllla stephen

Step Three: Cut that shit!!!!


Step Four: Check your shit! Make sure it lines up and closes all the way

Dual 6203NR Bearings in E50 case

Now a look at what 100 miles on a stock clutch and a heavily modded Gilardoni look like inside the cases…..


bye bye clutch material

( This was before the bennnnessssar minnerello clutch mod )

Updade on 4racegilardoni:

Cylinder is done, ported, sanded, filed, smoothed out and ready.

Including the CR80 reed block, cut to the right angle and spaced out.

Intake on cylinder is filed for optimal flow back to the crank and smoothed out.

Needed:  Cases from mike ( im in no rush and he is a busy man )

Make an intake for the huge reeds and a 24mm flatslide

Match cases

install everything and put it on a frame.

Tune tune tune… Got jets to 215 now