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WS/Wizard made

The only reason I post this, is that this material is actual clutch material from a go-kart manufacture that is designed for wet applications with engagements of up to 18K

When I first talked with them and asked them if 5-6500rpm launches would tear the clutch material apart, they kind of chuckled.

Testing to begin soon

I have 8 sets of springs, new hardware, Aluminum centers with steel taper press fit


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March 22, 2011, 5:52 pm
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Went to Texas to give my mother away at her wedding since her father and mother passed away and she was an only child.  It was sweet, and a nice small wedding on my cousins ranch, just outside of San Antonio. I also set up the video for the wedding, and my mother gave me the cameras that were used to record it. Flip Video Camera

Now I can record more stuff, moped videos etc since I loaned the GoPRO to Terry Dean ❤

Got back to Seattle late on sunday night with dreams of clutches in my head.

Monday this happened :



Version 1.0 of the Wizard/WS :   Is being tested……Hard.  MVT, ported Polini, 19PHBG, Secret MLM pipe ( not mine, dont worry rafter :p ) and now secret clutch.

Three more prototypes are being made, there will be 5 being tested and abused by the end of April.

Updates every tuesday from now on, hold me to it   ( unless im at a rally then all bets are off  )

I promise to get a better camera and carry it around with me as well.

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March 10, 2011, 7:46 pm
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Today started out with me timing how long it takes to pull the clutch out of my puch. Ready, Set, GO!

3 minutes ! im excited about that, because that means I would have time to pull my clutch, put a new one in ( if it was broken ) and catch back up with the pack….. HAHA!

Ok, enough fooling around.

I made a trip to see the Wizard, he was in and we talked extensively about some things, namely puch/minarelli/brn/ktm hybrid clutches.

The conclusion was, to re-tap the brass center core of the brn clutch, helicoil it with an M6 ( for now ), change the tapered hex screws so that they sit properly on the springs, and then try and break it! If it breaks, then we go bigger with taps/helicoil/bolts, etc…… If it does not break after this point, well you guys will be in for a treat, an exclusive westseattle/wizard treat!

The other project that we are working on, that relates to this R&D of the centers is secrets, but you could tell if you’re crafty in the pictures or are concerned of the fate of your precious minarelli bells.  ( Were working on it, no more minarelli bells will be harvested for westseattle )

Here are some pictures:

Wizard Lair / Puch bell / Minarelli bell

The Wizard himself and my brass center :

Stay tuned

. . . . . . . BLUED UP . . . . . . . . . .
March 8, 2011, 7:39 pm
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Speaks for itself…

Pulled the threads of the brass center out of the BRN/BENNASAR clutch. One week ago, Mr Mike Thomas and I had this very discussion, you were right Mike….


On to making it out of either stainless, or aluminum, but for now, helicoil and red locktite FTW

Update :

Here is another picture of it from a new rider, who obviously has a better camera than me…. Aron Such a nice dude!

Ps, there is a video somewhere of me riding it with just the 2 shoes in the bell, after I buttoned it back up….

Yes, I know I have no helmet on, Yes I did run that red light……and YES I stopped because it was waaaaaay unbalance and making some fun noises……enjoy!

. . Oh, I see what your problem is . .
March 7, 2011, 9:56 pm
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Here is the problem. No take off, no wind up, lots of low end bog.

Foreground : Pieces of the stock Bennasar clutch spring. ( broke in 3 pieces )

Middle : Stock spring that is weak and compressed to hell. About to break as well.

Rear : SS aftermarket springs from ED (mopagan) on MA.

Initial results with ED springs in BRN or BENNASAR clutch in Puch E50 = takes off like a clutch pulley, no slip, reeeeeevvvvv and boom, gone ……..

ED Springs :

Oh, I almost forgot that I wear gloves now too…. im getting old

. . BRN-BENNASAR E50 How to + 6.66 update . .
February 2, 2011, 8:54 pm
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Hello again, it has been a while.

I took Monday off again and decided to work on mopeds and not get sidetracked with house projects or drawing or tattoo shop duties.

This is what got done :

V6.66 Tore down again :/

This time it revealed both crank seals blew and tranny fluid was getting into the combustion chamber.
( thanks to Mike T for the heads up )

Sucks tho… I will rebuild it later.

So, I put v6.0 back together, after borrowing a tap from Mike ( Naz ) to fix my cylinder studs that like to back out and take threads with them.

Spent all day on full rebuild, and retap/loctite/etc the cylinder studs.

It runs like a champ! Took it out for a quick ride and it was awesome, no flat spots, tuning issues, just up and rips. So I go clean up, load up my tools, fuel up and start it again…… This time, the same thing happened, cylider studs ( both bottom ) backed out with the even deeper threads that I tapped into the case. Ugggg Massive head leak, so I rode it for a weeeee bit, until the head temps spiked well over 400 just 1/4 throttle and cruising. 😦 Turned around and went home, but then took pictures of the Benassar clutch/whatever else so people could see step by step and stop bitching to me via email/moped army.


First: Get yourself one of these clutches :

Take it apart, and machine the center down for ALL THINGS,

1- The clutch itself needs to be smaller to fit in this bell, this is a Garelli clutch, so that may make a difference here, if you have a V1 clutch it should fit.

2- Clearance issues with the weld in the bell. ( assuming that you have a modified V1 clutch bell and welded a puch main gear to it alredy )

3- Cutting the Puch crankshaft taper

This is what it should look like to clear the weld in the bell and allow for the spacer and the clutch cover to fit with the snap ring/everything else.

Clutch bell, with puch gear welded to it

Dry fit assembly in puch case

Full BENNASAR/BRN clutch assembly for Puch E50

Clutch bell/gear

Clutch itself

Spacer plate, cut to fit in minarelli bell. Notice all of the holes in the plate, these are NEEDED to clear the set screws in the clutch, and access for the clutch puller. Dont do this and you will not be able to get your clutch off.

Washer and Nut to hold the clutch on

Clutch front cover and snap ring hiding out in the back there

Screw, spaced out to make contact with the stock Puch clutch arm

How the assembly should be placed in the motor ( like you couldnt figure this out ) minus the almost empty bottle of Makers holding everything up.

Now its your turn, have fun with it!

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October 5, 2010, 6:59 pm
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This has been the downfall of almost all puchs…

Not being able to handle the slippage and power that some of the bigger cylinders throw at them.

You may remember that I put a bennasar minerelli clutch in my puch a while back, here and that was in march of this year.

Here it is October and I have pulled the clutch again to adjust and inspect wear.

Speaks for itself

The last picture is of the clutch, space plate that had to be made, outer minerelli clutch bell and bolt needed for puch clutch arm.

Oh, and the bolt you see is now my clutch puller

I wish Treatland would get more in, cus I would buy them all, but I think its a dead part now. 😦

Side note :

I think my maxi is becoming more evil as each day passes, in preparation for Gila V6.66.

Examples :

Broken front fork brace
Head studs backing themselfs out and taking threads with them causing massive headleaks
Head temps ( with timing backed off and running extra rich ) spike to 430+ on occasion and leave no signs of wear on the cylinder.
Everytime I have ran out of gas, or stopped to fill up, it is ALWAYS .666 gallons

Happy Helloween !