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. . Basic E50/Gila work with photos . .

Basic E50 / Gilardoni build with tons of pictures.

This entry is going to be very basic, not on super performance at all.
I just took pictures of everything you would normally do with a fresh engine build and am now putting it up here with some description of what is going on.

Sorry to the performance guys, gilardoni/portwork addidtions will be next weekend.

Freespirit Gila/E50

Frame/donor bikes

Front end swapped from maxi to freespirit, now its time to start going through the parts and putting together the Gila/E50

Ok, lets take things off of the old crank….


Pull bearings off of the old parts, in prep for the new with your ” clam shell bearing puller ”

New crank/bearings/seals

Put on seals/bearings in there appropriate places

If your bearings came with shields on them, take them off!!!

Continue putting the bearings/seals on the crankshaft…

Clutch bell/ clutch

Press Bearings onto the main gear

Prep the stator plate by taking off all unnecessary coils



Make sure that the cylinder head and cylinder mating surfaces are flat, either with a mill, or a piece of thick flat glass and some sand paper

Check ring gap/file if necessary….

File edges to make sure the rings dont hang up on anything


Put on frame

Super basic, but still fun 🙂