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Athena 50cc Reed Valve

Yeah, I know I went a little out of hand when I had to get this 50cc kit as well.

Just Pictures so far, as I plan on working on this today as well.

Today is a good day to work on mopeds, although I have already had bad luck with the Freespirit. 😦

Pin holes in the gas tank suck balls!


Athena 50cc ( Ported, I didnt take before pics, sorry…. I just widened the exhaust a shit ton)

This is going to go onto a ZA50, since I already had one from the early days of my moped riding.
I had an Athena 70cc Reedvalve kit on a ZA50 about 3 years ago, just put it on the shelf because I kept breaking rings and never thought of it until now.

Plan is :

*Motion Left Dampers
*New Seals and Bearings
*Shimmed out Proper
*Athena 50cc Reedvalve ( Courtesy of Benji TreatsHQ )
*Super high comp as always
*Homo 6P
*20mm PHBG to start with…. Maybe go back to the 15m PHBG
*20 Tooth of Happiness ( From none other than Benji of TreatsHQ )
*40 or 38 Tooth rear for now until its tuned up proper like

All going on to :

Brendan Barrans OG Austrian Banchee Frame

Reviving all of the OG parts in the Mosquito Fleet!!!!


Lets get to it!