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March 29, 2011, 12:01 am
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Today was the last day of the Delicious compound.  Lots of people TALKED about sharing the space and taking over part of the rent, but no one came through and everyone just kept piling their shit in the shop like it was theirs, so it is done with now.

Sad Times…

I did however score a free 90% complete A35 motor!  All it is missing is the pedal shaft and some hardware.  That should be a fun project at some point.

I have been working on my clutch, unsuccessfully, thus far.  I keep breaking helicoils and not being able to thread them in straight… even after chasing and rechasing and cleaning the threads over and over…… Shit !

So here I am, uploading pictures of an old magazine called Moped Biking Magazine circa 1978, that a friend of Devin’s got with the purchase of a puch frame!


( click to make bigger )


And my two personal favorites :


and an article on

” How to install a CB RADIO on your moped “


” Bluetooth before most of you were born “

as I like to call it……

Enjoy!  Im going back to fighting this custom clutch shit again and to dream of nice moped folk and whiskey later tonight.