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50/50 Puch time again
March 16, 2009, 10:57 pm
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Im, giving up on the monza for another minute.

There are some projects to still work on, including tuning a bike for someone to ride in LA. ( Although I will not be able to make it *sadface* )

So I decided to mess around with one of the 50000000000 #3 cylinders I have again.

The last one went 50. Ported to hell, and used my athena port matched case with it. It had no low end at all with the 6p exhaust and blew up a DMP stuffed crank.

New design, theory’s, etc… Im just messing around again.

I used to have 3 different polini motors, just as spares when they used to be cheap. Now just cases that are matched to the polini, so why not take advantage of them eh?

So I ported a #3 to match up with the polini transfers, 6p exhaust, bored out bing, etc..

6 hours later I get this…….

Mind you that this is not sanded or anything yet, just roughed out. Intake and exhaust are done up big too. Widened the exhaust as far as I could go without hitting the ring lands, but learned from before not to raise the exhaust in the cylinder, but rather with base gaskets. Cut the intake wider, and lowered it for longer duration, etc.


Sorry for those pics, I dunno what happened?

That is all that was accomplished so far. Now to clean it up and put it together!

Setup will be as follows for test number 1 :

* Ported #3
* Dykes ring piston
* Ported to 17mm stock intake
* Bored out 15mm Bing with high flow filter
* Case matched
* No internal lightening of anything
* Paz sprung 2 shoe
* 17×45 gearing
* Estoril to start out with.
* Trying to get 15 to 1 compression with this one as well.

Hopefully this will actually be decent to ride but if not, oh well then its back to the drawerin board!