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April 27, 2013, 7:14 pm
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The moped hiatus has been broken by this irresistible spanish beauty.


Coming to realize how much more work that I actually need to do to her…..

The wheels are bent and cracked + repaired again and again.  They also have the freewheel built into the actual casting of the wheels, making them truly unique to the Barcelona model.

 * The Metra 50cc ( with current gearing of 13×30 ) does not allow for hitting the powerband in 3rd, let alone shifting into 4th…….

* It SHOULD climb hills with ease right?  I mean it has gears, a real clutch and a nice 50cc kit on it?   WRONG

* I had to push it half a mile up the last hill to my house for fear of seizing it up in 1st gear for 2 miles…

Then there is just the basic cosmetics with the seat, side covers, and getting a functioning tail light….  ( these things did not come with one or a spot to wire one up on the controls )

The end result of which is scouring foreign ebay for replacement parts, wheels, etc.  To which my deep depths of lurking and internet stalkery found a set of wheels from a monza that matched mine ( san free wheel ) and were not bid on yet with 1 day left….  Starting bit? 1 euro!!!

OK, so I got extra excited, I mean didnt sleep on this or at all just to get them.  The seller spoke english, accepted paypal, would ship DHL worldwide and only for 30 Euro!!!!!!

I won these, for 26 Euro + the 30 to ship em = 75$ complete puch monza wheels!

So these arrived 19 days later from Germany

Look at that damned drum!   Stock Monza from Spain bottom, top from Germany.

120mm for the Spanish

140mm or 5 1/2″ for the German holy stopping goodness


Then there was the sprockets…..  I had a 30T rear from the Barcelona and a 44T rear on the new ones with no others even close stateside or otherwise that were flat/right dimentions/bolt pattern….

After measuring and scouring Treats again, I found a suitable solution.

Puch Monza sprockets =

45mm ID

50mm center to center 5 bolt patern

Garelli sprockets =

43mm ID

4 bolt with enough room to drill for Monza holes


The wizard worked his magic!   Now I have to tune this thing with gearing and figure out how to make the freewheel work.


So to end this one, back to work, back to tune and back to what I am have been putting off mopeds long enough doing.



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MAJOR score on those wheels man!

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