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March 5, 2013, 8:19 pm
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It is been a while

This is finally coming back home and to life

50cc metra, metra pipe, roller bearing Ritto crank, powerdynamo, 12v led

Puch Monza Barcelona



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Siiiiiiiiiiiiiick! A guy in my town owns one and I have always told him I will take it off his hands when he is ready…

Comment by Andrew Buck Michael (@AndrewBMichael)

Would this happen to be Rob whom you speak of?

Comment by westseattleryan

No, don’t think so, you know of another one up for grabs?

Comment by Andrew Buck Michael (@AndrewBMichael)

I dont know, of any for sale. I do know there are at least 3, maybe 4 in the states.

I have one, Rob from SF has IMO the best looking and cleanest one with a gila/hpi combo, there is one somewhere in ohio that is semi functional and rumors of one, in atlanta.

Comment by westseattleryan

Hey Ryan!

Welcome to my life. =8

I don’t think there’s a single bolt on the bike that I haven’t had to mess with at some point.

The newest bit on the bike is the addition of an RS50 50cc Jolly Moto pipe. I bought the pipe quite some time ago with expectations of installing it on the Monza. I finally developed the skill level to tackle the job. Totally made the bike awesome. Now it has bottom end, and a nice surge when it hits the pipe.

Took some effort though. I had to break off the too short exhaust studs on the Gila (they are cast into the cylinder), drill them out and tap in threads for the new bolts. Then I had to bend the pipe around the bike–it was made to fit on the other side of the bike. Which wont work on the Monza because of the brake pedal.

There’s a photo of pipe on the bike in the build thread on Puch-Avello–which is one of the best places to gain info on these Spanish bikes.


I’m happy to hear that your bike is coming together. 🙂

I bought one of those “Monza” rear wheels from Benji, but it needs so many things to function–one of which is the larger brake mechanism. That was enough to slow me down. Comparing the wheels leads me to believe that it might actually be an M50 wheel, but I really don’t know for sure.

I like your touring vehicle. I thought hatchbacks had this owned. 😛

Thanks for the nice words. 🙂


Comment by Rob in SF

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