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LED 12v tail light/brake light
June 5, 2012, 12:48 am
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Brake lights have always been a problem when modifying a stock moped.  At least I have had no luck ( and not being a super electrical engineer ) getting a moped with 6v points system to not die when having a brake light hooked up.

Since moving to 12v on most of my mopeds, I have kind of forgot about them.  Reverting back to the old hand signals/hope people know what hand signals mean behind me technique.

But…. NO LONGER!  All these mopeds now have running tails and brake lights because of the powerdynamo’s awesome design and voltage regulator that come with it.

Buy these at Treats!

These ebay LED trailer marker lights are the best and brightest when you have a 12v regulated system.

I wanted to keep the original monza tail light, because of the Barcelona / Espania markings on the actual lens, so I cut one of the marker lights to fit the housing.

As you can see.  Just hooked up to a 12v battery, they are bright!

Now I have to re-fiberglass the seat, play with the front suspension and get the exhaust reworked.

Silly mopeds


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