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March 8, 2011, 7:39 pm
Filed under: . . FAIL . ., ..BRN/Bennasar Minnereli clutch in E50..

Speaks for itself…

Pulled the threads of the brass center out of the BRN/BENNASAR clutch. One week ago, Mr Mike Thomas and I had this very discussion, you were right Mike….


On to making it out of either stainless, or aluminum, but for now, helicoil and red locktite FTW

Update :

Here is another picture of it from a new rider, who obviously has a better camera than me…. Aron Such a nice dude!

Ps, there is a video somewhere of me riding it with just the 2 shoes in the bell, after I buttoned it back up….

Yes, I know I have no helmet on, Yes I did run that red light……and YES I stopped because it was waaaaaay unbalance and making some fun noises……enjoy!


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The video is coming!!

Comment by Aron


Comment by westseattleryan

Uuugh son. It was awesome for sure.

Comment by Curt

minor setback!

Comment by terrydean

minor is right, it will be proper in a day……. Moped Mondays!

Comment by westseattleryan

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