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March 29, 2011, 12:01 am
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Today was the last day of the Delicious compound.  Lots of people TALKED about sharing the space and taking over part of the rent, but no one came through and everyone just kept piling their shit in the shop like it was theirs, so it is done with now.

Sad Times…

I did however score a free 90% complete A35 motor!  All it is missing is the pedal shaft and some hardware.  That should be a fun project at some point.

I have been working on my clutch, unsuccessfully, thus far.  I keep breaking helicoils and not being able to thread them in straight… even after chasing and rechasing and cleaning the threads over and over…… Shit !

So here I am, uploading pictures of an old magazine called Moped Biking Magazine circa 1978, that a friend of Devin’s got with the purchase of a puch frame!


( click to make bigger )


And my two personal favorites :


and an article on

” How to install a CB RADIO on your moped “


” Bluetooth before most of you were born “

as I like to call it……

Enjoy!  Im going back to fighting this custom clutch shit again and to dream of nice moped folk and whiskey later tonight.





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March 26, 2011, 6:53 pm
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I finally got around to getting one of the trail tech computers, not just the temp gauges, so now I will be able to dial in some things and fine tune even more!

Tattoo shop was busy, but the weather was nice, so people were in and out all day ( moped people )

Everyone was having fun, getting new builds ready and testing all the parts that we have been making for the last few months.  One build in particular that I was hoping to see showed up. I was hoping to see a cleaaaaaaan bike……..  Well it was super clean and shiny and perfect…… except the damn wiring!!!!!


Dammit Josh, fix that shit!


Oh well, at least its together and he is tuning it for LA 🙂

Say Hi to him when you’re down there, his name is:


and he is radical

Off I go to read the instal instructions and draw all day

But WAIT!!!!  More people showing up all the time…

Gorilla and the top tank hobbito

Even Shannon clowning around on his newly acquired matching pair of AERO 50’s….  Oh My!

Today is a good day

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March 24, 2011, 8:23 pm
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Based off of the insane number of the same searches, some reworded backwards and then forward, I went ahead and changed some categories around so that it would be easier to search through hundreds of posts and pictures without getting the double up on some of the categories.

Hope it works! If anything looks out of place, let me know, and if anything is hard to search for please give me a heads up as well.

Dropped off BRN number 2, but prototype number 1 last night, tonight we put it in and test it out.

Hope it does not break and end up with the fail category.

Also, I may end up needing others to test these out.

If you think you could possibly test one out and potentially break it and give me feedback at the same time, please email me. Ryanwiebusch@gmail.com

( serious tuners only please, at least for right now, I want to make this bulletproof )

Possible video to follow

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March 22, 2011, 5:52 pm
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Went to Texas to give my mother away at her wedding since her father and mother passed away and she was an only child.  It was sweet, and a nice small wedding on my cousins ranch, just outside of San Antonio. I also set up the video for the wedding, and my mother gave me the cameras that were used to record it. Flip Video Camera

Now I can record more stuff, moped videos etc since I loaned the GoPRO to Terry Dean ❤

Got back to Seattle late on sunday night with dreams of clutches in my head.

Monday this happened :



Version 1.0 of the Wizard/WS :   Is being tested……Hard.  MVT, ported Polini, 19PHBG, Secret MLM pipe ( not mine, dont worry rafter :p ) and now secret clutch.

Three more prototypes are being made, there will be 5 being tested and abused by the end of April.

Updates every tuesday from now on, hold me to it   ( unless im at a rally then all bets are off  )

I promise to get a better camera and carry it around with me as well.

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March 10, 2011, 7:46 pm
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Today started out with me timing how long it takes to pull the clutch out of my puch. Ready, Set, GO!

3 minutes ! im excited about that, because that means I would have time to pull my clutch, put a new one in ( if it was broken ) and catch back up with the pack….. HAHA!

Ok, enough fooling around.

I made a trip to see the Wizard, he was in and we talked extensively about some things, namely puch/minarelli/brn/ktm hybrid clutches.

The conclusion was, to re-tap the brass center core of the brn clutch, helicoil it with an M6 ( for now ), change the tapered hex screws so that they sit properly on the springs, and then try and break it! If it breaks, then we go bigger with taps/helicoil/bolts, etc…… If it does not break after this point, well you guys will be in for a treat, an exclusive westseattle/wizard treat!

The other project that we are working on, that relates to this R&D of the centers is secrets, but you could tell if you’re crafty in the pictures or are concerned of the fate of your precious minarelli bells.  ( Were working on it, no more minarelli bells will be harvested for westseattle )

Here are some pictures:

Wizard Lair / Puch bell / Minarelli bell

The Wizard himself and my brass center :

Stay tuned

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March 8, 2011, 7:39 pm
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Speaks for itself…

Pulled the threads of the brass center out of the BRN/BENNASAR clutch. One week ago, Mr Mike Thomas and I had this very discussion, you were right Mike….


On to making it out of either stainless, or aluminum, but for now, helicoil and red locktite FTW

Update :

Here is another picture of it from a new rider, who obviously has a better camera than me…. Aron Such a nice dude!

Ps, there is a video somewhere of me riding it with just the 2 shoes in the bell, after I buttoned it back up….

Yes, I know I have no helmet on, Yes I did run that red light……and YES I stopped because it was waaaaaay unbalance and making some fun noises……enjoy!

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March 7, 2011, 9:56 pm
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Here is the problem. No take off, no wind up, lots of low end bog.

Foreground : Pieces of the stock Bennasar clutch spring. ( broke in 3 pieces )

Middle : Stock spring that is weak and compressed to hell. About to break as well.

Rear : SS aftermarket springs from ED (mopagan) on MA.

Initial results with ED springs in BRN or BENNASAR clutch in Puch E50 = takes off like a clutch pulley, no slip, reeeeeevvvvv and boom, gone ……..

ED Springs :

Oh, I almost forgot that I wear gloves now too…. im getting old