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February 2, 2011, 8:54 pm
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Hello again, it has been a while.

I took Monday off again and decided to work on mopeds and not get sidetracked with house projects or drawing or tattoo shop duties.

This is what got done :

V6.66 Tore down again :/

This time it revealed both crank seals blew and tranny fluid was getting into the combustion chamber.
( thanks to Mike T for the heads up )

Sucks tho… I will rebuild it later.

So, I put v6.0 back together, after borrowing a tap from Mike ( Naz ) to fix my cylinder studs that like to back out and take threads with them.

Spent all day on full rebuild, and retap/loctite/etc the cylinder studs.

It runs like a champ! Took it out for a quick ride and it was awesome, no flat spots, tuning issues, just up and rips. So I go clean up, load up my tools, fuel up and start it again…… This time, the same thing happened, cylider studs ( both bottom ) backed out with the even deeper threads that I tapped into the case. Ugggg Massive head leak, so I rode it for a weeeee bit, until the head temps spiked well over 400 just 1/4 throttle and cruising. 😦 Turned around and went home, but then took pictures of the Benassar clutch/whatever else so people could see step by step and stop bitching to me via email/moped army.


First: Get yourself one of these clutches :

Take it apart, and machine the center down for ALL THINGS,

1- The clutch itself needs to be smaller to fit in this bell, this is a Garelli clutch, so that may make a difference here, if you have a V1 clutch it should fit.

2- Clearance issues with the weld in the bell. ( assuming that you have a modified V1 clutch bell and welded a puch main gear to it alredy )

3- Cutting the Puch crankshaft taper

This is what it should look like to clear the weld in the bell and allow for the spacer and the clutch cover to fit with the snap ring/everything else.

Clutch bell, with puch gear welded to it

Dry fit assembly in puch case

Full BENNASAR/BRN clutch assembly for Puch E50

Clutch bell/gear

Clutch itself

Spacer plate, cut to fit in minarelli bell. Notice all of the holes in the plate, these are NEEDED to clear the set screws in the clutch, and access for the clutch puller. Dont do this and you will not be able to get your clutch off.

Washer and Nut to hold the clutch on

Clutch front cover and snap ring hiding out in the back there

Screw, spaced out to make contact with the stock Puch clutch arm

How the assembly should be placed in the motor ( like you couldnt figure this out ) minus the almost empty bottle of Makers holding everything up.

Now its your turn, have fun with it!


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where can i buy the MINARELLI V1 BENNASAR 3 SHOE clutch?

Comment by mario sunder

Treatland.tv is where you can buy them

Comment by westseattleryan

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