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December 31, 2010, 8:40 pm
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Happy new year/eve/day whatever the fuck you wanna say.

I have enough money to eat well today

2011 will be bringing in some amazing mopeds to westseattle land :

1 , If someone plays his cards right, 2011 will add another member to westseattle destroy team

2 , V6.66 and V6.0 will be worked on tomorrow, since I have the day off I think?

3 , It is supposed to be clear, COLD but clear in Seattle on monday, so I will try and ride V6.0 to prospects vote in mandatory moped monday with mosquito fleet.

4 , Mr Wizzard is modifying my existing magnum/building me an amazing frame, since I dont have time and he is the nicest/most generous man alive ( seriously I heart this man ) ….. be on the look out for the water buffalo magnum, ie watercooled for those who dont get that reference.

5 , Metra 50cc on micro-monza

6 , Numerous BRN/Minnnerellllllo clutches being installed and beat up for science, E50

7 , One step closer to actually tattooing and art trades with whomever wants to paint/draw/watercolor, whatever….. ( my love dean and I are trading canvas’s and painting our interpretations of what was drawn on said canvas and trading back, gonna be rad! )

8 , I somehow got 1 Yamaha RD250 and 1 Yamaha RD350 and a couple spare motors in the last 3 months and have had the restraint not to work on them…. RD350 is complete and will be daily for next summer.

Again, happy new whatever the fuck you are gonna do! Just dont die!

❤ all of you who read this and have ever looked at this blog and used it for reference, no matter how small, enjoy 2011!