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October 24, 2010, 8:50 pm
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I love MOTOMATIC MOPEDS and what they do to push moped building to the next level. Seriously check them out and that new polini intake, BOSS!

Anyway, I saw the ” dont believe the 15 bing hype “ and just had to post this here.

West Seattle Steve aka the Go Go Gorilla :

NON PORTED or MODIFIED in any way Polini 64cc


Case matched


Stock reeds


16×45 Gearing

High High compression aka 215psi+ on 92 pump gas ( dont let anyone tell you it can not be done, and this is a daily reliable rider )

B7HS with 2 crush washers

Stock 2 shoe, no lightening of anything

15mm BING !!!!!! ( buddy mod slide included at no additional charge )

# 2.17 Atomizer

# 86 main

Exact replica of my first Polini from 2005/6, extra ripper back then

Track 3 (End)
Last Updated by West on Feb 7

Created by My Tracks on Android.

Total Distance: 6.96 km (4.3 mi)
Total Time: 24:25
Moving Time: 10:56
Average Speed: 17.40 km/h (10.8 mi/h)
Average Moving Speed: 38.22 km/h (23.7 mi/h)

Max Speed: 99.90 km/h (62.1 mi/h)

Min Elevation: 4 m (14 ft)
Max Elevation: 86 m (283 ft)
Elevation Gain: 219 m (720 ft)
Max Grade: 9 %
Min Grade: -21 %
Recorded: Mon Jan 25 21:33:49 PDT 2010
Activity type: –


* disclaimer

I know that this new MOTOMATIC intake and carb combo will just destroy the 15 bing all around and is worth every penny. ( You should buy one )

I like the comradery between moped builders/tuners and decided to write my rebuttal on the subject.

I heart you rafter/nate/motomatic team

Working on V6.66 tomorrow


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October 19, 2010, 10:03 pm
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V6.66 is turning out to be evil.

Wont Idle, surges sometimes, idles for a few seconds and bogs out others.

Changed jets, needle settings, checked for leaks, nothing… always the same.

Fires, choke on, rev rev rev, kinda idles, choke down, surges then mellows out. Check for airleaks, none….

Change gas/plug/fuel filter, etc……

Re timed/ numerous times. 1.8 BTDC powerdynamo

Mikuni TM

Jets from 200 to 180 working down
Needle from top to bottom

So here is some thoughts :

Reeds to big?
Reed material too thick?
Atomizer to big?
Not enough compression?
Too much compression?

Back to the tuning grind.

Any Ideas out there?

October 15, 2010, 7:38 pm
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Just waiting for the transplant onto frame…..

Dual snap ringers / basic new bearing/seal/crank/combo

Vertex KTM 65 2.0 over, graphite coated, single ringer

Inside the cylinder, port work

* Pink lines are potential ringland relocation locations, I chose the top left of the piston vs dead center/intake catcher *

CR80 Reed valve with Polini “green” reed material added

TM24 and HPI

Now I wait till I get home. Hopefully no rain tonight so I can tune…… VRRRRRROM V6.66


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October 12, 2010, 1:54 am
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UPDATE: This will be done in the next 2 days… I burned up another dremel whilst cutting the dual snap ring groove. 😦

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October 5, 2010, 6:59 pm
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This has been the downfall of almost all puchs…

Not being able to handle the slippage and power that some of the bigger cylinders throw at them.

You may remember that I put a bennasar minerelli clutch in my puch a while back, here and that was in march of this year.

Here it is October and I have pulled the clutch again to adjust and inspect wear.

Speaks for itself

The last picture is of the clutch, space plate that had to be made, outer minerelli clutch bell and bolt needed for puch clutch arm.

Oh, and the bolt you see is now my clutch puller

I wish Treatland would get more in, cus I would buy them all, but I think its a dead part now. 😦

Side note :

I think my maxi is becoming more evil as each day passes, in preparation for Gila V6.66.

Examples :

Broken front fork brace
Head studs backing themselfs out and taking threads with them causing massive headleaks
Head temps ( with timing backed off and running extra rich ) spike to 430+ on occasion and leave no signs of wear on the cylinder.
Everytime I have ran out of gas, or stopped to fill up, it is ALWAYS .666 gallons

Happy Helloween !

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October 3, 2010, 7:02 pm
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Just for reference

Puch 12x15x15 left : Peugeot 103 12x15x17 right

People have been talking about how there is too much play in the wrist pin needle bearings on some kits.
I have been shimming or using longer wrist pin bearings for a while now with great results.
Especially with the Wiseco brand wrist pin bearings for KTM 65’s

more reference :

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October 3, 2010, 2:11 am
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Westseattle Gilardoni V6.66 Coming this week……

The end all be all of how far you can massage to your gilardoni and still run it on an E50 or ZA

I tested V6.60 last night

Facts :

Pulls a 20 x 45 Gear ratio past 60 with ease and no bottom end loss ( E50 )

At WOT with 1.75BTDC timing and 50degree weather, stays at 300-325 head temps

Pulls on a wicked 70cc Peugeot with ER3/Malossi/Doppler/Gianelli combo ( not off the line with this gearing )

All of this with a 20mm Dellorto and a “low end” pipe ( Seattle version of Motomatic destroyer series )

Pictures and super documentation to follow. This is it…. no going back