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August 5, 2010, 5:19 am
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Well, it has been a year on this cylinder.

One piston replacement due to woodruff key shearing and blowing a 30mm chunk of ring down the exhaust.

4 separate electronic meltdowns… ( points fusing, condensers blowing, etc )

4 sheered woodruff keys

2 magnetos

1 broken exhaust due to my incompetence

Numerous clutches 😦

RENO Rally


PORTLAND Rally and almost Anniversary ride ( ring broke, see above )


Daily 20+mile rides to and from the tattoo shop

Weekly 50+ mile rides with the Mosquito Fleet ( Because I live 15 miles away from Moped Monday meeting place, then the ride, then the ride home which is usually another 15+ miles because they like to go north alot, jerks )

People borrowing it, having fun, not knowing how to ride something that is not really like a moped anymore


1 broken maxi motor mount…. the bottom rear part of the frame is sheared off


The Gila is flawless, no marks, scores, cracks, chips, nikasil lining is intact….. damn

Hell, even on this piston ( which I have put over 400 miles on and Lydia put one Seattle rally on )  is flawless….

You can still read the laser etched numbers on the piston….( I have not even tried to clean the carbon off, I just dont care )………  I go fast on this constantly, I mean, I try and blow this up…

Head :

So, here is to you Mr Gilardoni/Italkit   I heart you and that is why I have 4 more of you waiting to be placed on all of my puch motors.

Setup is as follows, for anyone who would like to know:

* Custom 7 Port Gilardoni ( excluding the exhaust )

* 33mm exhaust port, not raised or lowered

* lower transfers dropped 2+mm

* upper transfers left alone but 1mm “eyebrow” cut outs added

* 2 additional intake ports added and aimed just top of center of the cylinder head

* 2 additional intake cut outs facing the engine case and cut into the cylinder skirt to match polini

* Piston windows opened and elongated for “360” intake and back of the skirt cut to match

* Top Reeds

* Motomatic/me intake 20mm

* 20mm PHBG :  W7 needle, clip all the way up : 50 Idle jet : 96 main : Mixture 1.25 turns out, NO air filter

* No head gasket ( surfaces milled and COPPER SPRAY added )

* Case matched obviously

* Minerelli Clutch bell with Benessssssar 3 shoe heavily modified to fit puch

* DMP stuffed but unstuffed crank with TOP small end needle bearing added

* Dual Snap ring bearing modifications

* 17 x 45 Gearing

* 1.8mm BTDC timing Stock points and such, modified stator to only have 2 coils and self grounded to the motor

* Custom Motomatic ” Seattle Destroyer ”  that is different than all the rest.   I have checked and have not seen another like it, even the ones in Seattle are different.  :p

Thats it really, but here is to a great setup that has done nothing but amazed me and lets me keep up with the variated big boys, even off the line ( unless they are mike naz mike wizard, hes fast as shit )

Things to be done now is powerdynamo and change gearing to 20×45 E50

Hope things continue to work out, this is truly my favorite, even after the polini blasters that I used to have……… RIP lovelys

Everything I get is from here

TREATLAND SUPERSTORE http://www.treatland.tv ( copy and paste into your browser then get lost in the wonder that is treatland )


MOTOMATIC MOPEDS http://www.motomaticmopeds.com ( copy and paste into your browser, then order lots of stuff )


mike and I make things work, thanks buddy, youre one swell guy 🙂


Next update will have some very interesting things :

Temperature change vs compression numbers via Trail Tech temp guage
Powerdynamo install step by step
Something secret for now, but is being tested in a couple mopeds in Seattle…..

Heart you