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July 28, 2010, 1:38 am
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So I let lydia of Puddle Cuddle fame borrow the super gila maxi last weekend.

I got it all nice and new electronics/points/condenser, etc.

NO problems all weekend, well……. Last Day, Last ride….

So Naz fixed for me

Dont know how it happened, signs are pointing to the rubber dampener that I had on the exhaust mount wearing down.

I did notice some wear on the pipe from where the axle was rubbing against it, that is the likely culprit.  That and the extreme weight difference in the baffle now that it is full of oil soaked insulation.

I have to fix that too.

What really amazes me is that when I go over the bike to get it back on the road, the electronics are fried again 😦

No problems at all anywhere else…  I guess this thing does not like me.  Oh, and another sheered woodruff key.

I now have the powerdynamo that is going to be the staple for everything, and the hpi for race.

Race puch will be shaping up here soon hopefully.

Added material

Super Ported Gila, i mean as much as you can do to it and then some more.

CR80 Reed Valved

Vertex Single ring piston



High Comp ( 215psi + )

Big Mikuni