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June 8, 2010, 7:27 pm
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Treats EBR Maxi Disc/Drum combo with lots of machine work done to fit the magnum.

( it states this on the site, and believe me there is just a little bit of work needed to space these out, so that the top triple tree nut has more than 2 threads to grab on to.  Also if you are using a bigger axle, like in my case, you will need to file or machine the bottoms of the fork legs to fit. )

CR80 Disc brake front rim

(17×1.4 D.I.D aluminum inner/outer/spokes )

KTM Brembo brake assembly

( Including the master cylinder and lever, all etched with brembo logos )


I just put this on the magnum to space out the wheel and brake caliper.

First time I have worked on mopeds in a while..  Tattoo apprenticeship takes precedence over everything else now, so sorry if I am a ghost or dont update this that much for a month.

( http://www.artcoreseattle.com is the shops website, I am apprenticing under the whole shop and Atom is teaching me how to build machines/needles/power supply’s and the actual tattooing process )


Picture time 🙂


To make this brake assembly work, there is alot of machining to do and this is just to clear the fork tube, even after the adapter plate is made.



Oh well, it is worth it to stop!