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May 31, 2010, 12:23 am
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Dual snap ring mod to E50 cases

Step one : Huff paint and measure your bearings

Step two, measure and mark your cases for the cutting and have your friends hold things  ( that would be me holding the cases for mr westseattle/gorrilllla stephen

Step Three: Cut that shit!!!!


Step Four: Check your shit! Make sure it lines up and closes all the way

Dual 6203NR Bearings in E50 case

Now a look at what 100 miles on a stock clutch and a heavily modded Gilardoni look like inside the cases…..


bye bye clutch material

( This was before the bennnnessssar minnerello clutch mod )

Updade on 4racegilardoni:

Cylinder is done, ported, sanded, filed, smoothed out and ready.

Including the CR80 reed block, cut to the right angle and spaced out.

Intake on cylinder is filed for optimal flow back to the crank and smoothed out.

Needed:  Cases from mike ( im in no rush and he is a busy man )

Make an intake for the huge reeds and a 24mm flatslide

Match cases

install everything and put it on a frame.

Tune tune tune… Got jets to 215 now







May 28, 2010, 8:03 pm
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The wrist pin bearing problem has been solved.

Mike was nice enough to give me a long peugeot bearing

Also: I found out that KTM 65 wrist pin bearings will work…  12 x 15 x 16.3

Wiseco part # B1042

I measured wrong in the begining, because Im an alcoholic

EBAY score of the day  CR80 wheel, complete with disc and all 9.95$


KTM Brembo’s with line and master cylinder 45$

Looks like another disc setup soon 🙂

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May 25, 2010, 7:38 pm
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Side by side comparison

left : Vertex ( i guess this is the original manufacture of italkit pistons as some have told me )

Graphite coated, single ringer


Right:  Stock, unmolested Gilardoni piston


Dykes ring/flat ring


I have not done the modifications needed to run this piston yet, and it is not for the easily discouraged.

The ring stop on the Vertex is dead center on the intake side.

You need to move this in order to run this piston.

Also, you need a large needle bearing for the wristpin, it is way to wide for the 12x15x15 puch/peugeot bearing.

It is something along the lines of 12 id x 15 od x 20 l ?

( I measured wrong, 16-17mm in length will do just fine )

Rest assured that when I either make the shims or find the bearing that I will be running this in the race cylinder




( still no photoshop to trim down my photos, so  you will have to wait for pretty ones :/ )


Also in other news, I just got from ebay:

CR80 Vforce reeds for 41$ shipped

Looks like I will have to do a comparison test now

. . CR80 Reed block on Gilardoni Kit. .
May 25, 2010, 12:44 am
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CR80 Reeds in Gilardoni

Mind you this is just an update to show you how much fucking work it is to do this..

This is by no means done yet, just an update, have not even touched the hand files, sandpaper or polishing compound yet….

or opened up the intake in the cylinder to flow as I would like to


May 22, 2010, 11:05 pm
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ouch, via mini maxi pedal, monday night

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May 21, 2010, 8:10 pm
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Everything is scattered everywhere, the “RACE” setup is as follows:

Super modified Puch Gilardoni cylinder with CR80/polini reeds
Graphite coated, single ringed non-gilardoni pistion
Minerellllllo Benesssar clutch
24or28mm Mikuni TM series carb, starting off with 24mm
E50 20×45
Maybe a new pipe if I can get money and talk to nate

So far, The cases are at the wizards for a bulking up procedure ( I need about 3/8 of an inch added on the sides and top to seal )

Parts are in the mail from e-gay and treatland superstore #1, ie: CR80 reeds and new carbon in various thicknesses

Cylinder is cut up, ported and sitting above the fireplace being a good boy mmmmmm 33mm exhaust

Disc brake assembly is on the dinning room table, waiting patiently to be put back on ( EBR, CR80, KTM125 configuration :p )

Frame is at Shannons, next to the wizard lair waiting for me to have time to play

HPI, crank, and bearings ( dual 6203NR ) are in my bag, taunting me, and making me wish I had all of the parts together here, now.

Minerello clutch on the maxi is doing rather well, need to take it apart and inspect wear after 300+ miles on it. If that goes well, there is talk of making our own custom puch clutches….. hmmmmmmmm

I need leathers for race…. something around a 42-44 depending on the manufacture… Impossible to find for cheap right now, and Im in between sizes so its even harder when you want a one piece suit….

Camera is at home, full of pictures and explanations

Drawing all day, all night, keeping the dream alive


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May 18, 2010, 8:54 pm
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And also….

What the fuck am I doing here?