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Still doing the R&D on this for mike. It was alot of work to get it right and spacing to make it fit/grab/start, thanks to mike and his machine shop and his clutch, it happened.

The clutch


Machine work and instal:

Puch drive gear
Minerrrrelli Bell and such
Cut taper on clutch for puch
Machine shoe bases for proper fit in minerello bell
Recess clutch
Starter plate/spacer
Adjust clutch for RACE

Thats all it takes…..

Testing begins now, and in Portland this weekend for the Puddle Cutters anniversary ride.


Oh, and dual 6203NR Bearings in the case to prevent the crank walk…..

3 Seattle bikes are running these now, results soon


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Awesome man, seem like we are all in search of a perfect clutch! The adjustment on these are tricky. Turn the screws in all the way then back off a 1/2 turn. You will be makeing 1/8 turns after that. Rad.

Comment by mike

so rad!

Comment by terrydean

[…] may remember that I put a bennasar minerelli clutch in my puch a while back, here and that was in march of this year. Here it is October and I have pulled the clutch again to adjust […]

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