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March 25, 2010, 6:21 pm
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Piston and cylinder


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March 23, 2010, 9:11 pm
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Went to portland for the weekend, took the magnum/gila.

Fired right up and went down the street, then nothing… poof and a backfire. Sounded like I sucked a reed through the motor… Damn

Took the cover off to see what the timing was at, maybe it slipped…… Yup, ANOTHER smeared woodruf key on the crank and now a smeared and unusable flywheel…


Spark, check
Fuel, check
Timed, check

Change parts, try to fire…. Nothing
Change Stator/coil….. Nothing
Check reeds….. Fine, no cracks/chips/dents/etc
Cleaned carb….. Nothing
Changed condensor after noticing spark was not too consistant…… Nothing

Covered in gas/carb cleaner/everything else on mr sabatinos garage floor I said fuck it and took the top end off…

Broken top ring…

Not just broken in a small place, but half of the ring is gone
Cylinder has a small gouge on it, right above the exhaust… Other than that, flawless
Piston is done

So I decided to ride chase and drink heavily this weekend…. good idea, I had so much fun, thanks portland!

Looking for another piston and thinking about the other ideas I had for more flow/primary compression/overall compression and spacing via plates or milling the cases down…

On the look out for a piston just to replace or wiesco forged 47mm

Well, back to the weekly grind, this weekend should be interesting…

. . Clutch fix, maybe . .

Still doing the R&D on this for mike. It was alot of work to get it right and spacing to make it fit/grab/start, thanks to mike and his machine shop and his clutch, it happened.

The clutch


Machine work and instal:

Puch drive gear
Minerrrrelli Bell and such
Cut taper on clutch for puch
Machine shoe bases for proper fit in minerello bell
Recess clutch
Starter plate/spacer
Adjust clutch for RACE

Thats all it takes…..

Testing begins now, and in Portland this weekend for the Puddle Cutters anniversary ride.


Oh, and dual 6203NR Bearings in the case to prevent the crank walk…..

3 Seattle bikes are running these now, results soon

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March 4, 2010, 9:27 pm
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Word updates

Finished shannons gila, rips, then he proceeded to break the front brake cable on the ride to moped monday and had no lights….

Oh well, bike light and tightened up rear brakes work for now, i guess…. FIX YOUR SHIT SHANNON~

My Gila destroyed another clutch, moved in the case, blew the big clip out on the clutch bell and then started to chew the clutch cover up…… oh and it had and wore the snap ring bearing out and pulled the crank 1mm to the magneto side in 400 miles.

Torn apart for the dual snap ring mod and a ktm clutch… No more fucking around.

Kit is still flawless, no scoring, nothing 🙂

Pictures later as I am working on too many motors for people and still trying to draw/paint 6-7 hours a day…