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. . Basic E50/Gila work with photos . .

Basic E50 / Gilardoni build with tons of pictures.

This entry is going to be very basic, not on super performance at all.
I just took pictures of everything you would normally do with a fresh engine build and am now putting it up here with some description of what is going on.

Sorry to the performance guys, gilardoni/portwork addidtions will be next weekend.

Freespirit Gila/E50

Frame/donor bikes

Front end swapped from maxi to freespirit, now its time to start going through the parts and putting together the Gila/E50

Ok, lets take things off of the old crank….


Pull bearings off of the old parts, in prep for the new with your ” clam shell bearing puller ”

New crank/bearings/seals

Put on seals/bearings in there appropriate places

If your bearings came with shields on them, take them off!!!

Continue putting the bearings/seals on the crankshaft…

Clutch bell/ clutch

Press Bearings onto the main gear

Prep the stator plate by taking off all unnecessary coils



Make sure that the cylinder head and cylinder mating surfaces are flat, either with a mill, or a piece of thick flat glass and some sand paper

Check ring gap/file if necessary….

File edges to make sure the rings dont hang up on anything


Put on frame

Super basic, but still fun 🙂


. . It takes forever . .
February 24, 2010, 10:34 pm
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It takes forever to upload 100 pictures

Built a gila with a wonderful man this weekend, took pictures of it all.

Melted a set of points, broke a set of points, didnt get to ride the gilaroni much this weekend 😦

Basic pictures of E50/Gila build up tonight, kinda fun to look at but super basic.

Hope everyone worked on something this weekend or enjoyed a ride!

. . Sure . .
February 22, 2010, 2:10 am
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Rode forever in the last couple days, super slipping clutch gave me some concern, but I just kept riding as normal.

Westseattle-garelli-steve tried to keep up last night and ended up trashing a kstar piston/high comp head when the ring gave out and caught the intake port. ( version 1 treats kit )

I put the mikuni on just to see how it does, it looks great but i ran out of gas. hahahahaha
No money for gas until tomorrow.

While I was working on it, I decided to take the clutch apart and see how it looked after 300 miles of use…

Oh boy, I need to figure out something else quick.

and the blued clutch bell indicating that it was getting super hot in there from metal on metal action….

Replaced with good old two shoe and new bell, lets hope it does not give out in 300 miles.

Done with mopeds today, tomorrow is another work on mopeds day… update more then

. . Incredible weather . .
February 19, 2010, 8:40 pm
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We have been having some amazing weather in seattle this past week, so I decided to take full advantage of this.

Rode 50+ miles today before noon on polinardoni or gilarini or super ported gila.

Reliable as hell, accelerates faster than most cars take off from lights and will attack any hill at 45 plus.

Needless to say, I am all smiles as this still is just in the beginning stages of being built and tested.

I have 90% of the other parts in my possesion, and am going to do them one by one to get the feel for what each individual piece does.

24mm Mikuni
V-Force 8 petal reeds
Naz special clutch

I dont know if I am going to put the cdi back on this one, if I do it will be the powerdynamo for sure, no fucking around anymore.

Hands down, my favorite build and moped to ride.

. . Weekend activities . .

Well, I did not get some of the parts that I needed to make changes to the ported gilardoni, so I went to naz’s shop and did some other productive things..

Such as :

Creating a pressing attachment for my bearing puller… ( naz’ design and tested )

Your harbor freight bering puller can be used as a press as well.
It even fits in between the crank cheeks and acts as the spacer that most of us neglect to put in there when pressing on bearings.
( I dont have a picture of it in use, as we were using it and I forgot. )

But then mr responsible john of Deluxe Powdercoat came over and I convinced him that my new tool needed a wrinkle powdercoated finish. It turned out sexy !

Second on the agenda was giving a guiding hand on boring a e50 case for gilardoni.

2″ or 2 1/4″ Flap wheels, Drills and about 15 minutes of drill/stop/check fit/repeat and you have a perfect fit for gilardoni/metra “80” cylinders.

Again I failed to take pictures of all of it as we were actually working and not thinking about blogging this weekend.

Oh here is another article on DIY case bore….


So that is all I did with my weekend, what did you do?

. . success . .

Well, I consider last nights ride with my fellow Mosquito fleeters a success.

No complications with the kit/bike.
Even let people take it out for some full speed runs and see what they thought.

Results and VS stock gilardoni with the same bolt on setup this weekend, I promise

both setups will be as follows :

Motomatic intake and exhaust ❤
17×45 gearing

I heart this setup

. . ummmm its done and oh boy . .
February 9, 2010, 12:39 am
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Everything put back together today
First runs around the block got me smiling ear to ear
53 gps half throttle and there within a couple blocks, not miles ( didnt want to go faster down the street when school just got out around my house )
Still the 20mm phbg until I get jets and a taller intake for the Mikuni TM24

Video is uploading on vimeo, here soon

case pictures below…..

Looks like a giant polini, cus it is…

Things coming in the mail

New intake for the 24mm Mikuni
Vforce reeds

Things to do

Raise the compression
3 shoe tuned
Re-gear, 17×45 winds out to quick
Test Test Test


Thats a Motomatic Destroyer pipe on there folks 😉 Thanks boys

VIDEO HERE, CLICKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!