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Athena 50cc Reed Valve

Yeah, I know I went a little out of hand when I had to get this 50cc kit as well.

Just Pictures so far, as I plan on working on this today as well.

Today is a good day to work on mopeds, although I have already had bad luck with the Freespirit. 😦

Pin holes in the gas tank suck balls!


Athena 50cc ( Ported, I didnt take before pics, sorry…. I just widened the exhaust a shit ton)

This is going to go onto a ZA50, since I already had one from the early days of my moped riding.
I had an Athena 70cc Reedvalve kit on a ZA50 about 3 years ago, just put it on the shelf because I kept breaking rings and never thought of it until now.

Plan is :

*Motion Left Dampers
*New Seals and Bearings
*Shimmed out Proper
*Athena 50cc Reedvalve ( Courtesy of Benji TreatsHQ )
*Super high comp as always
*Homo 6P
*20mm PHBG to start with…. Maybe go back to the 15m PHBG
*20 Tooth of Happiness ( From none other than Benji of TreatsHQ )
*40 or 38 Tooth rear for now until its tuned up proper like

All going on to :

Brendan Barrans OG Austrian Banchee Frame

Reviving all of the OG parts in the Mosquito Fleet!!!!


Lets get to it!


Parma porting adventure!
March 28, 2009, 4:04 am
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Porting the spare Parma to try and make it flow alot better and go alot faster.

Opened the intake alot and matched to the 19mm intake
Opened the exhaust alot and matched to the Homoet 6p inlet
Raised the Exhaust a bunch in the cylinder
Lowered the intake a touch
Left everything else stock


Parma 50cc portmap
March 28, 2009, 3:58 am
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Parma 50cc portmap !


* The front of the exhaust port is 32mm from the top of the cylinder 14.5mm x 27mm wide
* The back of the intake port is 20mm from the back of the cylinder skirt 13mm x 25mm wide
* Boost port in front of that is spaced 2mm forward of the intake port and is 18mm x 14m wide
* All the side ports are 11mm x 13mm wide


Another one?
March 25, 2009, 3:10 am
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So, Mr Responsible John decided to get something different for his magnum.

I purchased his parma 50 kit, so that I could do some serious re-working of the cylinder and have one stock one as a back up.

Now I have the last supposed 2 parma 50’s :p

SOOOOOOOO Excited to start working on this one, as I feel that it has a ton of potential.

Things to do :

* Reposition ringland on piston
* Open the exhaust port to around 28mm or so 😉
* Open the intake to around 17mm or so 😉
* Raise and lower intake and exhaust windows
* Get more compression
* Try the 20mm carb vs 15mm
* Enjoy fast 50cc


Parma 50cc build
March 16, 2009, 11:10 pm
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I got one of the supposed last parma 50cc maxi kits because I was on this fast 50cc kick I guess….


Its huge!

Milled and cut magnum stock head that I will be pairing with this.


Intake for the 15mm PHBG carb.


So far it is on a Freespirit and running @ 42mph on the flats, but not tuned out yet….. Im trying to get more out of it currently.

* Parma 50cc kit
* Milled and cut head
* Paz sprung 2 shoe
* Big intake and 15mm PHBG
* 6p exhaust
* 16×45 gearing

More to come when I get it tuned and have more pictures/video’s!

50/50 Puch time again
March 16, 2009, 10:57 pm
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Im, giving up on the monza for another minute.

There are some projects to still work on, including tuning a bike for someone to ride in LA. ( Although I will not be able to make it *sadface* )

So I decided to mess around with one of the 50000000000 #3 cylinders I have again.

The last one went 50. Ported to hell, and used my athena port matched case with it. It had no low end at all with the 6p exhaust and blew up a DMP stuffed crank.

New design, theory’s, etc… Im just messing around again.

I used to have 3 different polini motors, just as spares when they used to be cheap. Now just cases that are matched to the polini, so why not take advantage of them eh?

So I ported a #3 to match up with the polini transfers, 6p exhaust, bored out bing, etc..

6 hours later I get this…….

Mind you that this is not sanded or anything yet, just roughed out. Intake and exhaust are done up big too. Widened the exhaust as far as I could go without hitting the ring lands, but learned from before not to raise the exhaust in the cylinder, but rather with base gaskets. Cut the intake wider, and lowered it for longer duration, etc.


Sorry for those pics, I dunno what happened?

That is all that was accomplished so far. Now to clean it up and put it together!

Setup will be as follows for test number 1 :

* Ported #3
* Dykes ring piston
* Ported to 17mm stock intake
* Bored out 15mm Bing with high flow filter
* Case matched
* No internal lightening of anything
* Paz sprung 2 shoe
* 17×45 gearing
* Estoril to start out with.
* Trying to get 15 to 1 compression with this one as well.

Hopefully this will actually be decent to ride but if not, oh well then its back to the drawerin board!


Todays a good day to fail again right?

Monza is together, clutch adjusted, dry tested gear selection, all signs point to good!

Get outside, fill it up with fluids, gas, kickstart out, kick……kick…..kick…… Well something was not working right with the kickstart when it is on the bike? Worked fine off the bike, pressed the kick, turned the motor as it is supposed to. On the bike….. Nothing.


Put it into gear, grab the clutch lever and run with the bike…….. wont disengage the clutch ( same problem as before ) Stop, regain composure, mess with it.

Adjust all the way in ( to where it would obviously be disengaged ) Nothing
Adjust all the way out ( to where it is just loose ) Same result
Take the alignment plug out and mess with the pull out lever. Nothing

New Clutch assembly……
New Spring ( metra 80 spring = stiffer )…..

Frustrating way to start the day, so I decided to take a break and make some soup.

Things I am going to try later today is….

Original pull out lever…
Stock clutch spring…
re-tightening the kick springs…
If that fails, then take engine off and start over again….


Maybe I will tune the parma 50 today instead, or put the athena 50 together.

Mopeds today, I tell ya I am cursed or something